Evolution of the First Online Casino

Some say online casino was first conceptualized as soon as the Internet came into being. This comes as no surprise because ever since the first civilization casino-type gambling already existed.

Casinos were said to have proliferated in the ancient kingdoms of the Nile in Egypt and those in Asia, even before any recording means were invented. Almost any past time activity were placed bets on, like athletic sports and even animal contests. In the west “casinis” or small villages or houses in Italy were the first casinos around the 18th century. They were originally the venue of moneyed traders were they talked and refreshed, and later engaged in leisurely wagering.

Thus, in the modern world, when computers were first introduced, gambling—and later, casinos—in their digitized versions, appeared on the scene. Chance number wagering was common in the 1970s with the use of IBMs, and then later, gambling and casino were also introduced as the Internet became a by-word in the worldwide, gradually emerging information technology.

Of course, as in the introduction of anything, casinos were first given a soft launch. It was gabling that slowly paved the way to the entrance of online casinos. Digitized gambling had to be developed and popularized. First, some gambling implements had to undergo automation through mechanical means. This reduced man power in big-time gambling operations because most functions were performed by machines. Then some became televised which widened the reach of gaming and which also broadened participation with relatively bigger stakes.

When the PC and cable networking worked up a tandem the Internet was born. Gambling soon found a new venue but had to wait till enough people could connect with the new wireless medium. Another thing was the availability of online money transfers to handle financial matters. When these things were settled, the concept of online casinos was ready to launch. About 10 years ago or so the so-called Ethernet introduced the first online casinos, spearheaded by such popular online gaming outfits like Microgaming.

Soon, as the Internet was further developed and new and better software were introduced (spurred by commercial competition, thanks to free trade), online casinos and gaming grew by leaps and bounds. Today, online casino patrons go by the billion each day worldwide so that online gambling make up a trillion dollars of global gross income.

Online casino has evolved from the sticks and bones of ancient civilizations to today’s computer age. When the Internet finally arrived, online casinos launched out.